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We are excited to announce our new Blog site.

We welcome testimonials, experiences and reflections. Send to: ma[email protected] for review and publishing.

Welcome to the REC Family!

Resident’s Encounter Christ. If you have ever attended a TEC (Together/Teens Encounter Christ) our organization mirrors the TEC only the REC is for the Incarcerated and held in Jail or prison. The REC Family is a growing organization that emcompasses Team and Recites and a lot of prayer warriors. Every REC that we serve, we add to this family of people.

We are always seeking new volunteers.  If you think “Oh I could never do that!” Well that is what I said when first asked to volunteer! The thought of it scared me.  I had a wise man named Doug that shared with me “Mary, people in  jail are no different than us, only they got caught!” How true is that! I have now been serving for close to 14 years. Our goal is to bring people to Jesus.  That’s it!   A simple goal, that God gives us and then he takes over and it’s all for him.

So consider it. Come and see for yourself! 

Periodically, I will be adding some great experiences from the team perspectives and from those incarcerated. So check in now and then!

Your sister in Christ,

Mary Aulie



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