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Quotes From Recent REC Evaluations

NE MN Residents Encounter Christ

What was the most significant part of the weekend for you?


  • “Being able to come closer with God and get a lot off my chest”
  • “The Holy Spirit, The feeling of self worth”
  • “Hearing stories & choosing to accept and be reborn!”
  • “The fellowship”
  • “Kristy’s talk – I was able to relate & finally give things over to God”
  • “Paul and my table changed my life and nothing could be better”
  • “Feeling God’s Love”
  • “I was renewed in Christ and now I have a brand new life and I have freedom with my Lord.”

What would you tell your fellow inmates?

  • “I truly found the Father, Son & Holy Spirit this weekend. And I felt the Holy Spirit on me all weekend.”
  • “I would do it again and it was a great experience”
  • “To go – it was life changing”
  • “I have never felt so good!”
  • ”It is a great experience and I’m glad I come”
  • “It was the Best time of our life!”
  • “Do not fear the unknown of Rec, it is lovely & awesome!”
  • “They really missed out!”
  • Good food, good company”
  • “That it was good and you need to go to one!”
  • “We all had a good time, our group leaders were fun to have them involved”

What did you like the most?
Answers:NE MN Residents Encounter Christ

  • “The people, the love they brought with them”
  • “The honesty and kindness”
  • “All who gave time to come be with us.”
  • “Getting to know the lord”
  • “Getting to renew my relationship with the lord”
  • “The uplifting of the Spirit of GOD in my heart again.”
  • “All of the sharing”
  • “Minnie’s rolls”
  • “All the groups’ effort”
  • “I like all of it. It was great!”
  • “How everyone con be open and truthful and wont be judged for it.”
  • “Music really gets people going, Thanks Jane!!:)”
  • “The art /food/table leaders”