How to Participate in a R.E.C.

Retreat Team positions are open to adults who have the love of Christ in them and want to share it.

A prior participation in TEC (Teens Encounter Christ), Koinonia, or Cursillo is strongly suggested.

The team is predominantly staffed by Catholics, however non-Catholics are warmly welcomed.

STEP ONE: Make the commitment to yourself to enhance jail or prison life through the word of the Lord.

STEP TWO: Contact the appropriate person for that area REC – see below.

STEP THREE: REC Application Form

STEP FOUR: Fill out form for the jail you plan to visit. Get Forms Below.


Northeast MN REC Residents Encounter Christ – A Prison/Jail Ministry

“The Truth Will Set You Free” John 8:32 Quote From Recite Evaluations


Key Contacts – Regional Coordinators – Jail Admittance Forms